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Malta! I didn’t know what to expect from this tiny island nation in the Mediterranean Sea. The reality is it I probably never would have come had Anders not taken a diving job here, but wow — I’m glad I did. It’s kind of a gift to go somewhere with absolutely no expectations or preconceived notions and just let it surprise you. I’m glad I have some time to let it all sink in and process before I start writing about it in full, but for now, I’m excited to share this little preview! One thing I can confidently say is Malta is fabulously photogenic.

So, last night I landed in Brussels which is off to a rough start. I arrived to the news that my box of Tomorrowland stuff (costumes, camping supplies, festival necessities, etc.) is lost in the mail, which I am beside myself thinking about replacing — not to mention all the time and money I’ve lost now already. Then I discovered that once again my email server has been flagged for spam, meaning half the emails I’ve sent out in the past week didn’t go through and I missed countless others incoming — who knows what opportunities have passed me by! And to top it off, my ultra modern, ultra expensive design hostel with no windows or fans has a broken air conditioning, meaning I spent a sleepless night sweating it out with eight strangers in a room approximately the temperature of the surface of the sun while fretting over the first two issues. Welcome to Belgium! I pray that this is not an omen and when I report back next week things have turned around in a big way.

Onto more pleasant things, memories of Malta…

Photo A
The fishing village of Marsaxlokk

Photo B
Gozo’s Azure Window, from below and above

Photo C
Diving off Ċirkewwa

Photo D
Sunset in Għajn Tuffieħa Bay

Photo E
The many colors of Malta

Photo F
Architecture and traditional in Malta’s ancient cities of Mdina and Valleta

Which photo is your favorite?

  • Carla Turun
    July 21 2014

    AMAZING Photos Meihoukai !!! makes me so so excited to go 🙂

    • Meihoukai
      July 21 2014

      Glad to hear that Carla, and many more where these came from!

  • Stef
    July 21 2014

    I’m voting for Photo E!
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