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When I heard about the Vivendi Cabaret in Cayman, I knew I had to save it for when my dad and sister were here. My sister is a musical theatre major and they both are theatre geeks so I knew it would be interesting. I also knew it would be awesomely good or awesomely bad, and either one would be entertaining. It was a mix of both.

There were a few lulls but in general we left laughing and smiling and picturing Olivia’s future performing at dinner theatres in Caribbean islands.

Lowdown: The show is a mix of ensemble “story dance” (as Olivia called it) with showy costumes, drama, and heavy choreography. The other half of the acts are specialized performers coming out and demonstrating in cirque de soleil style all the weird and awesome things they have trained their bodies to do. These are the really impressive acts and what I think there should be more of.

Vivendi Cabaret Grand Cayman
 Vivendi Cabaret Grand Cayman

The audience is set up around dinner tables in cabaret style, and you can choose to have dinner, drinks, dessert, or hookah, or to just watch the show. We didn’t try the food but the drinks are predictably expensive.

Cost: The show alone is 34CI per person, with 5CI off for residents. A mildly high price, but comparable to similar shows I’ve seen in beach areas in the states and reasonable when you consider there are eleven performers on stage that need to be paid.

Time: The show is about an hour and a half, and of course if you choose to eat dinner you would arrive earlier.

Overall: 4/5. Vivendi wins points right off the bat for being some of the only nightly entertainment in Grand Cayman that isn’t sitting at a bar drinking Caybrew. I think they could trim a few of the dance numbers, however, to keep it a bit more stimulating. Also I was really expecting them to wear feather headdresses at some point, so that was a bit disappointing.

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