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I took the plunge. After much angst and chart making and money counting I finally went for it and ordered an underwater point and shoot and housing. While some people have marveled what a good deal I got, I remind them that I still stop to pick up pennies on the ground. I considered waiting and asking for Santa to bring me one of these babies, but then realized I’m diving every day now, so why wait? What is money for, if not the purchase of underwater photo taking devices?

This does mean the end of an era, and that is the era of me buying underwater disposable camera every time I see a puddle. In fact I may end up saving money in the long run. I still do love the antique look of the pictures you get though and may end up getting one every once in a while for old times sake. The big flaw is that they can only go down to 15 -30 feet, depending on the camera, and I’m diving to well over 100. Still, they couldn’t be more fun for splashing around at the pool or on the beach. To celebrate our time together, here’s some of the last underwater disposable shots I’ll take, at least for a while.

You know what I just remembered, literally halfway through this post? Last semester I designed an underwater disposable camera for my graphic design class. I plugged in the hard drive to find some pictures and remembered how much I loved that project. One of my favorites of the year. I present to you, Sea Snaps.


  • steve mckee
    July 21 2010

    Great stuff here Meihoukai! Keep writing! Great fun following both you and your mom on your international adventures….
    But if you have a REAL address I’ll write you a REAL letter!!!!!

    • thetravelingturtle
      July 23 2010

      No permanent address at the moment… but if you subscribe here you’ll at least know what I’m up to!