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So I mentioned before that I had ordered a new camera. Well she has arrived and my oh my… what a beauty. I thought it would be appropriate to introduce you all to the team, the family of picture makers that bring you all the visuals this blog has to offer. Some (Mark) have expressed concern that three cameras is too many, and who will end up carrying them all on our travels? (Mark). But each one has its place and purpose and I love them all in their own special ways. I now present:

The Big Boy
Canon Rebel Xsi

My first digital SLR (I still have a film version, though I don’t carry it for practical reasons) and also my main camera. I bought this one refurbished using my tax returns and parental generosity to make up the difference. It has served me well though I must say after a year and a half I have outgrown the kit lens and am ready to upgrade. From everything I’ve read the body is capable of much more than the kit lens allows, so I think this camera body will be with me a long time.

For examples of what this camera can do, see .

The Purse Throw
Kodak Easyshare M340

For obvious reasons, I cannot bring my Rebel everywhere. One, its huge, so unless I know I’m going to be shooting something, its kind of a hassle to carry around “just in case.” Two, its valuable, so I’m not exactly bringing it out to ride the mechanical bull, you know? And yes, I do need a camera for that.
So for many years, I was a faithful Casio Exilim owner. The picture quality is fantastic, it works beautifully in low light, and they are so, so pretty. Just one problem. They kept breaking! Yes that’s right, I have a bit of a camera grave yard right under my bed, just in case someday someone invents a way to fix point and shoot camera so that it costs less than 75% of the cost of a whole new camera. Well you know what they say… fool me once, shame on you, fool me three times, Ihateyoulenserror.  So I said no more Casio, no more. And I went on Amazon and bought the cheapest decently rated decent megapixel camera, and snapped up this Kodak. And it takes decent pictures. The biggest dissapointment is the low light picture quality isn’t that great… and I’m mostly using it for night time party pics. But, at about $75US, I’m not going to be devastated if someone spills a drink on it. So it shall stay in my purse, till clumsiness do we part.

For examples of what this camera can do, see

The Water Baby
Canon Elph SD 1300 and Underwater Housing

And now for the star of the show, the brand spanking new, shiny and exotic, underwater digital camera! I. Love. This. Camera. We’ve only known each other a few days, but already we are the best of friends. Not just for diving, this camera is perfect for days at the beach, rainy situations and so much more! So far the picture quality is fantastic and it shoots pretty decent video.

Though some people could use this camera as both a primary point and shoot out of the case and an underwater camera in the case, those people are probably not irresponsible twenty year olds. So I will use this camera exclusively in the case and treat it like gold. I think it works out better this way. Someday I’ll upgrade to add a strobe but for the time being, I’m having so much fun just seeing what this little guy is capable of.

For examples of what this camera can do, stay tuned.