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Well hello there! I’ve missed you guys! For me, putting up just two posts in a week feels like I’m barely blogging, but somehow my final stop in the US — for a long while, anyway — flew by so quickly I barely had time to keep up with the basics. But while I didn’t get much posting done, I did squeeze in lots of quality time with faces I’m not going to see for a long time as well as some pretty fantastic adventures in Southern California.

After our week in Los Angeles, I grabbed my pup and my visiting friend Kat and we hit the road for San Diego, where we checked out beaches, went diving, met up with two of my old friends from college and experienced the joy of travel with a four-legged friend. Four days later, Bearded Bartender and my dad met us in Palm Springs for one last hurrah — one that involved lots of home-cooked meals, pool time, and a day trip to Joshua Tree National Park. It was quite the send off!

It still feels a bit surreal to me that I’m heading back to Thailand, especially as everything has been such a whirlwind lately between my hectic schedule, hosting guests, keeping my head above water with work, and getting myself even nominally prepared for this trip. Normally I’m consumed with a big international departure like this in the week or two leading up to it, but this time around I just haven’t had the luxury of time to dwell. I don’t think it will really hit me until I walk off the plane and feel that Bangkok air hit my face.

With the exception of a one-week detour to the Caribbean I’ve been in my home country since May. I’ve just barely scratched the surface of writing about my summer at home (I have this reoccurring nightmare where I’m still writing about summer 2015 as we roll into next July) but expect posts to start coming at you at a rapid clip now that I’m back to the land of catching up on internet work smiles. It’s amazing how excited I am about simple things like unbroken weeks spent in one location, getting back into muay thai, reintegrating $6 massages back into my daily routine, and drinking coconut shakes and eating mango sticky rice again. I’m looking forward to a hard hit of real life — or my tropical version of it, anyway.

So while I’m working my way through the jetlag this week, I’ll have plenty of posts coming at you from a beloved stateside destination: Martha’s Vineyard! Here’s hoping I can convince a few of you to make a fall trip to one of my favorite islands in the world. But first, a little peek at what I got up to in Southern California…

Photo A

San Diego Luv Surf RentalOur Luv Surf vacation rental in San Diego on the left, a local dog beach on the right

Photo B

Bird of Paradise Flower in San DiegoA flower in the garden in San Diego

Photo C

San Diego Belmont ParkBelmont Park in San Diego

Photo D

Diving with Sea Lions in the CoronadosDiving in the Coronados… my first glimpse at Mexico!

Photo E

Palm SpringsExploring Palm Springs

Photo F

Driving Through Joshua Tree in a ConvertibleDriving through Joshua Tree National Park

Which photo is your favorite?

  • Silvia
    September 23 2015

    Bahh stop with all the dog photos! Now that I’m finally staying put for a while I am sooo tempted to just go and adopt a husky already, but then I remember that my wandering ways would make me the worst dog mama ever, sigh.
    Silvia recently posted..

    • Meihoukai
      September 24 2015

      I know! I’m lucky that Tucker loves my dad more than me, in the end, because it’s the only thing that makes leaving them together bearable.

  • Emma
    September 23 2015

    I’ve been a bitter blog reader the last few weeks as no less than 5 of my favourites have been in California, and I’m so glad you’re all going back where you belong because I can’t stand the envy any more 😛
    Photo E is my favourite this week. Safe travels 🙂
    Emma recently posted..