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Greetings from Koh Tao! It feels like I just got back, which makes it bizarre that I’m already packing for a trip off the island. It’s for a damn good reason though — I’m heading to Bangkok to speak at the first ever Asia edition of TBEX.

In reality, by the time I board the ferry off the island, I’ll have been here for two whole weeks. They were busy ones — house-hunting (success! I signed a six month lease and move into my new apartment the day I return from the conference), bike-hunting (still looking), catching up with old friends and catching up on a literal avalanche of work that’s built up in the last few whirlwind months.

I’m already loving having a home base again. When I pulled out a bag to start packing today, it was just a little carry-on, rather than everything I own. When I meet people on the road and they ask where I live, I’ll have an actual answer, rather than just squinting and pointing to something in the distance to avoid admitting I’m homeless (it’s my specialty). When I say goodbye to my friends on the island, it will be for just ten days, instead of ten months. But don’t worry, this travel blogger isn’t going to stop traveling — I’ve already got a growing list of little trips both Thailand domestic and Southeast Asia international on the docket. The difference, at least for now, is that I’ll have somewhere to come home to. Here’s a little peek at the last week on the island I love to live on.

Photo A

Aow Leuk Bay, Koh TaoMy afternoon reward for a morning of productivity

Photo B

Back on Koh TaoIsland accessories

Photo C

Shark Island, Koh TaoShark Island, my favorite dive site

Photo D

Hiking with Goodtime AdventuresHiking with

Which photo is your favorite?

  • Marni
    October 12 2015

    Definitely photo A. Autumn is my favorite season, but these recently cooling temps are just a reminder that winter is almost here. I’d love to be sunning myself on that beach right now!

    • Meihoukai
      October 13 2015

      It’s actually coming into the monsoon on this side of Thailand, and so we’ve had more rainy days than sunny ones lately. Which means I went straight outside to seize this one when I saw clear blue skies!

  • becky hutner
    October 12 2015

    A — I would be so very happy on that beach right now. Instead, I am preparing to move to drizzly, beach-less London. What?
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