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I’m reporting live from Lima, where I’ve returned to the land of decent internet connections after eleven days in the jungle. My dear friend Zoe arrived yesterday, marking a new — and super fantastic — chapter in this journey. I’m shivering my buns off, but otherwise enjoying searching out hidden gems across Peru’s overlooked capital.

This week’s photos, from my time in Iquitos and onboard , were incredibly difficult to narrow down, a problem I’m sure won’t go away anytime soon while I’m here in Peru. In fact, now that I’m making such an effort to close the gap between real time and blog time, I’m wondering if Photo of the Week is still as relevant. But it’s hard to break a habit after 123 weeks, so for now I’ll keep on keepin’ on.

Photo A
a Southeast-Asia reminiscent tuk-tuk in the streets of Iquitos

Photo B

a caiman lurking in the Amazon

Photo CAmazon Anacondaan anaconda, proudly wrestled by an Aria naturalist guide

Photo D
Aqua Expeditions Ariathe unparalleled views from my stateroom

Photo E
a Praying Mantis, spotted by moi on a jungle hike! 

Which photo is your favorite?

  • Naomi
    October 20 2013

    Photo B is amazing!
    Naomi recently posted..

  • becky hutner
    October 20 2013

    Very tough one but photo B. i am a sucker for crocodilians!
    becky hutner recently posted..

  • Lindsey
    October 20 2013

    Nah, I reckon that it’s still relevant to pull out your favourites of the week’s photos. I love the anaconda photo.
    Lindsey recently posted..

    • Meihoukai
      October 23 2013

      Thanks Lindsey! I do love having the folder on my desktop. Whenever I’m having a rough time I can flip through it and it’s a nice reminder that, um, yup — life is still awesome.

  • memographer
    October 20 2013

    This is a tough one, Meihoukai!
    Photo B – 51%
    Photo C – 49%

  • TammyOnTheMove
    October 21 2013

    Nice view from your boat! My favourite has got to be B though. The photo is stunning!
    TammyOnTheMove recently posted..

  • Skúli
    October 21 2013

    Absolutely photo B!
    Skúli recently posted..

  • Ashley of Ashley Abroad
    October 21 2013

    I love photo A… I took a similar photo in Macau with the tiles in the background too!
    Ashley of Ashley Abroad recently posted..

    • Meihoukai
      October 23 2013

      That’s awesome! And congrats on your open water! Glad you went with Roctopus 🙂

  • Steve
    October 21 2013

    I’ll go for b
    Steve recently posted..

  • Ben
    October 21 2013

    Has to be E for me. I’m not sure why, but it looks like you’ve just spotted it doing something it knows it shouldn’t be. Caught with it’s hand in the cookie jar!
    Ben recently posted..

    • Meihoukai
      October 23 2013

      Ha! That’s a great interpretation. Now I can’t unsee it!

  • Vicky from acoupletravelers
    October 21 2013

    Love photo B!
    Vicky from acoupletravelers recently posted..

  • Dad
    October 21 2013

    Are you kidding…hands down B. But can’t wit see more of the river boat

  • Stef
    October 21 2013

    It’s really hard to decide this week, but I go with photo B!
    Stef recently posted..

  • Aunt Linda
    October 21 2013

    Naturally all of us University of Florida fans are voting for the “gator”. I might have to get this one framed.

    • Meihoukai
      October 23 2013

      Now I know what to get you for Christmas 🙂

  • Katherine
    October 21 2013

    Photo E – don’t know why but I feel that there’s just something funny about this little guy!

  • Kelly
    October 21 2013

    I love all of them but my favorite is definitely B! Photo C is my # 2 🙂

  • Stephanie
    October 21 2013

    I love photo B.
    Stephanie recently posted..

  • tyrhone
    October 21 2013

    Technically I think that prey mantis one is the most impressive. But the caiman is also cool.

    I’m interested to see how Lima treats you.
    tyrhone recently posted..

    • Meihoukai
      October 23 2013

      Well, of course you’ll read all about it coming up 🙂 But in short, I loved the activities we did, hated the weather. I have a very hard time moving beyond cold air and grey skies :/

  • Olivia
    October 21 2013

    Gahhh I can’t decide! I think B or D or E…

  • wes
    October 21 2013

    A is well seen. Anaconda or caiman IN the room and you’d have a winner. On principle I can’t vote for anything that eats its lover after shagging it.

    • Meihoukai
      October 23 2013

      Unfortunately Aqua Expeditions had a pretty strict “no endangered reptiles in the staterooms” policy. Some people just don’t know how to have fun.

  • Sarah Somewhere
    October 21 2013

    Wow!!! Definitely B! But that room of yours is stunning!!!! I wanna do this!!
    Sarah Somewhere recently posted..

  • Jenna
    October 22 2013

    I love A! The view from the stateroom is pretty great though!
    Jenna recently posted..

  • Jade
    October 22 2013

    Photo c. he just looks so damn casual! What a badass. But also wow to photo D. Cannot believe that is on a boat!

    • Meihoukai
      October 23 2013

      Those guys literally wrestle anacondas for a living… can’t think of a cooler job!