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This week found me snaking back up the coast towards Lima after finally bidding adios to the Andes. While I appreciated my seven days of staying still and catching up on computer time, I was really ready to get back down to sea level. The altitude had me exhausted and the temperamental weather was driving me mad. One hail-filled night, I actually found myself searching for flights to Thailand — and that’s when I knew it was time to move on.

After a hellish night bus from Cusco to Ica I stopped for a brief reprise through Huacachina before arriving in a totally new destination — Paracas. Here I’ve found everything I needed (read: sun, sand, friends, and a great hostel) before returning to the urban sprawl of Lima. I’ve got pretty big plans for the city — I’m hoping to hit up my favorite sandwich place from my last visit and catch the latest Hunger Games release on the silver screen. Tourist of the year right here.

Now onto this week’s photo candidates!

Photo A
ATVing in the Paracas National ReserveJumping for joy on an ATV tour of the Paracas National Reserve

Photo B
The Paracas National Preserve of PeruPeru’s sole red sand beach

Photo C
Sealion at the Islas Ballestasa curious sea lion in the Ballestas Islands

Photo D
Starfish at the Islas Ballestasa colorful starfish

Photo E
Islas Ballestas of PeruMore Ballestas Islands wildlife

Which photo is your favorite?

  • Olivia
    November 24 2013

    Photo D!!

  • Ashley of Ashley Abroad
    November 24 2013

    Photo C! What a cutie.

    • Meihoukai
      November 25 2013

      I loved them! Here, they are called “lobos del mar.” So pretty!

  • Gaelyn
    November 24 2013

    Besides loving the wildlife shots my fave is A because it’s a delight to see you jumping for joy. Enjoy the sun, sand, and more oxygen.

    • Meihoukai
      November 25 2013

      Actually, I was behind the lens on that one! The model is my friend Leah 🙂 But I love it for the same reasons!

  • Steve
    November 25 2013

    I go for A. Shows off the joy of travel.

  • Aendes
    November 25 2013

    Photo E. Simply love pelicans!

  • Emily
    November 25 2013

    I like photo D the best – though they are all great shots!

    • Rachel of Hippie in Heels
      November 25 2013

      B, waves get me everytime!

      • Meihoukai
        November 25 2013

        I just loved that deep red-hued sand. So happy to be back by the ocean!

    • Meihoukai
      November 25 2013

      Thanks Emily! Much appreciated 🙂

  • Julie
    November 25 2013

    I’m torn between B and D! Did you snap that starfish from land or from a boat?

    • Meihoukai
      November 27 2013

      From the boat! Gotta love that 70-300mm lens…

  • Camels & Chocolate
    November 27 2013

    A, A, A! What hang time!

    • Meihoukai
      November 28 2013

      I know you love a good jump shot 🙂

  • TammyOnTheMove
    November 29 2013

    Photo D, what a beautiful starfish! Are you going to the Galapagos when you are in Ecuador? I think you would be in heaven because of all the amazing wildlife out there.

    • Meihoukai
      November 30 2013

      I REALLY hope that I will. Can’t be sure just yet though… fingers crossed!

  • Wes
    December 1 2013

    ew, kill those black things with fire.