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I’m just going to go bold and say it: changed my life. Dramatic, you say? Hear me out — for someone whose travels full-time and is constantly attempting to live a more sustainable lifestyle, it was a game changer. Since I first switched to solid six months ago I have found myself becoming somewhat of a shampoo bar evangelist, writing passionate screeds online, preaching to my friends and family, and pouncing on unsuspecting plastic-bottle toting backpackers in hostels to try to convert them.

How much do I love solid shampoo? Let me count the ways.

1. No more hauling heavy liquids. These solid shampoo bars are feather-light!

2. No more plastic bottles that I guiltily throw in the trash when I can’t find recycling facilities on my travels. The tins Lush shampoo tucks into are endlessly reusable. Considering each bar is the equivalent of three bottles of shampoo, you’re saving the earth from 75 grams of plastic with each one!

3. No more exploding sticky shampoo in my backpack after a long flight. Does this happen to anyone else as often as it used to happen to me?!

4. It works beautifully on my hair! You just rub it on your head like you would rub a regular soap bar on your body, and it lathers right up.

Eventually I reached out to my shampoo crush, , to tell them how excited I was about what they were doing with their products and ask if they’d be willing to help me baptize, ahem, do a giveaway for all you. They said yes! And how do I love Lush as a brand? Let me count the ways again!

1. Lush uses , ethically-sourced ingredients.

2. Lush is committed to eliminating and plastic use.

3. Lush uses no animal testing and against its use in the cosmetics industry.

4. You can restock on the road — Lush is available in .

I first started using Lush after a few readers recommended it to me and I popped into a Lush store in New York City out of curiosity. I wasn’t planning to make a purchase, necessarily, but the sales guy won me over by reaching out and hand combing through my locks (with permission!) in order to make the best recommendation for my hair type. I was skeptical when he said the I bought would last two months based on my showering habits, but he was right, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Now, there have been a few bumps along the road. When I was gifted a by a fellow traveler, I didn’t adore it quite as much as the Jumping Juniper — which is why I highly recommend you visit a store in person to get a recommendation for the best bar for your hair if possible. Also, while I haven’t really had this issue, some readers have mentioned to me that the tin doesn’t really work for them as they have a hard time opening it with slippery hands, or the bar got stuck inside. Reader Lauren has a suggestion for that — containers!

Finally, I wanted to love the . Really wanted to love it. But alas, it just didn’t work for me and it seems from online reviews it’s not nearly as popular as it’s shampoo cousin. So for now I’m sticking to liquid conditioner and praying to the Lush Goddesses to keep working on that formula. But the bottom line is, if you’re a fan of travel, living green and/or luscious locks — you need to at least give solid shampoo a try. [UPDATE: I found a different solid conditioner that I love! Read my review here.]

. . . . . . . .

And now onto the fun part — I’m hooking up five of you up with a ! This little bundle of goodness is the perfect introduction to Lush land.

What’s inside? All kinds of yummy smelling treats, starting with, of course, and .

Followed by the cleverly-named , a citrus soap packed with all kinds of surprises for your skin.

Next up, a punch-packing mini .

Last but not least? An , which is best described as solid lotion.

And it’s all wrapped up in a resuseable knot wrap, complete with instructions on how to use it as a tote for all your bare new products.

I found an even better use for it though — a headwrap to keep the hair out of my face while running around doing blog post photoshoots. Shazam! (And yup, that is indeed a Spice Girls reunion tour t-shirt. I can feel your jealousy from here.)

Ready to fall scrub over loofah for some solid shampoo? Five of you are going to win one of these goodie bags — just enter below. Unfortunately, my friends, this giveaway is open only to US and Canadian readers. The rest of you I promise will get some love next time around.

Alright, you guys are actually the reason I stared Lushing in the first place, so I’m ready to hear it — what’s your next suggestion for the travel product that’s going to change my life?

What can you not live without when you’re on the go?

  • Anne
    June 4 2014

    Thanks for the product review! I am currently attempting to become aware of where my products come from and how they impact animals and the earth. This is a good one to add to my list of things to try! Currently I use Paul Mitchell shampoo.
    I’ve started incorporating essential oils into daily life and actually used them for malaria prophylaxis and bug repellent for my last trip. I also use them daily internally (in capsules), for oil pulling, Aromatherapy, and in the shower/post shower. Essential oils are now my must have “products” always (goodbye traditional meds for just about everything)! My fellow RN friend turned me on to them after force feeding me oils the entire time we were in Honduras.
    Anne recently posted..