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What’s that you say? Things are looking a bit different around here? A bit newer, a bit shinier, and dare I say, many bits more stylin’?

Meihoukai in Wanderland


This new site has been a long time in the making. It started with a tragic misdirect a full eleven months ago, when I sunk a big chunk of change into a designer that turned out to be a complete nightmare. It was a huge loss of time and money, and made me wonder if I’d ever see my vision for Meihoukai in Wanderland come to life.

Once I managed to pull together some funds again, I went to where I should have started right from the beginning: my wonderful friends Hannah and Lee at .

Hannah has been reading my site for years, and over meetups in places as far flung as London and Lombok we became fast friends. Basically, the girl gets me — I knew she’d be the perfect person to design the new home of Meihoukai in Wanderland. Together, we put our blood, sweat and tears into this site. And I mean that literally. Technological challenges reduced me to tears at least twice, there were plenty of times I didn’t have air conditioning and I think I remember Hannah telling me she got a paper cut at some point.

But the blood sweat and tears were all worth it, no? Every time I see this beautiful new site I am filled with joy, and I can’t thank Hannah and Lee enough for bringing it to life for me! Let’s take a look around, shall we?

Meihoukai in Wanderland Blog DesignOut with the old, in with the beautiful!

What’s New in Wanderland

One of my biggest issues with my old site was its ridiculously poor navigation. With almost a thousand posts in the Wanderland archives, Hannah and I brainstormed big time about how we could help you all find what exactly you’re looking for, and give some of my favorite old posts some new life. A little explanation behind what’s new around here:

Destinations: My new and updated destinations page, modeled (with author Kristin’s blessing) off the genius version on one of my favorite blogs, . Now you’ll be able to browse by entire countries, but also more specifically by states and cities. This will be especially helpful for countries like Thailand, for which I have written over 160 posts!

Obsessions: All my favorite photography gear, luggage, green travel and blogging products in one place — a new travel resources section.

Confessions: One thing I’ve noticed about this travel blog? You guys love when I stray a little bit away from travel! Here’s where you’ll find my reflections on topics like love, life, and caffeine cravings.

Departures: All my planning posts broken down into categories like budgeting, packing, and app and product reviews. There’s also all kinds of travel inspiration round these parts, from travel quotes to travel book reviews to my beloved Earning Abroad series.

Arrivals: Here you’ll find a breakdown of my posts about various travel styles, from festival hopping to wildlife chasing. You’ll also find a section dedicated to my many posts on adventure travel — everything from diving to hiking, from sky high fun (think ziplining, helicoptering, and hot air ballooning) to motorized thrills (think motorcycling, ATV riding, and snowmobiling).

Meihoukai in Wanderland Blog Design

Share the Love

I’m so excited about my new logo and design that I wanted to be able to share a little piece of it with you! Check out my new shop for mugs, totes and stickers. Eventually I’m planning to add limited edition photography prints and postcards, too.

And Tell Me What You Think!

I absolutely can’t wait to hear your feedback. Have a poke around and let us know what you love, and if anything looks a little wonky — we’re still working out the kinks! Now that I have this gorgeous new home for all my travel stories and photos, I’m more fired up than ever to share them with you. As always, thanks for coming along for the ride.

  • Diane
    September 8 2014

    The new look is gorgeous, Meihoukai. Love the color scheme, the design. Really fun and suits your content perfectly. Awesome 😉
    Diane recently posted..