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Welcome back to my series sharing a little bit of what I’ve been up to for the past four years, other than globe trotting. Big surprise! It’s dreaming about travel. Well, and getting my degree in graphic design. Combine the two and you get a portfolio full of wanderlust driven assignments.

I am an avid magazine reader across all genres and for a time fancied going after a job in the industry post graduation. This was one of many  layout assignments I undertook at Pratt, and they are as challenging as they are fun. Specifically, we were to design a special issue of our choosing of the International Magazine of Design. Can you guess what I chose? My favorite detail here are my magazine logo with the globe in it and the back page featuring different world currencies.

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You can see more of my design work on my or you can stay tuned for the next week as I share a few more of my favorite creations!

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