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Something funny happens when you take a passionate traveler and force them to stay more or less tethered to one location for four years: they start to fascinate. Towards the end of my last semester at art school I ran into one of old professors who excitedly asked me “Are you still doing travel design?!” I had never thought of myself as a “travel designer” but as I began to put my portfolio together I realized I did have quite the repertoire of projects that I had steered with my wanderlust.

With graduation behind me and a shiny new Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts hanging on my metaphorical wall, I thought I’d share a some of my favorite travel related art I created over my four years at art school.

The first assignment I’m going to post is one I call Sea Snaps. The assignment was to redesign a disposable camera, and with my passion for diving my mind went straight underwater. I bought a disposable underwater camera, pried it apart, and made this, one of my favorite projects of all time:

In addition to my travel motif, I tend to use pattern a lot in my work, and I love this one. My fingers were covered in gold spraypaint and I was itching to go diving, but I remember presenting this in class as one of my proudest critiques.

You can see more of my design work on , or you can stay tuned for the next week as I share a few more of my favorite creations!

  • Dad
    June 5 2011

    Anyone who does not go to your portfolio website is cheating themselves out of a real treat.

    • Meihoukai
      June 6 2011

      Aww, shucks.

  • This is genius! You HAVE to start selling these, you’ll make a fortune! Agree with your Pops!

    • Meihoukai
      June 9 2011

      Thanks dear! Maybe someday when I’m a famous underwater photographer they’ll start producing these with my name on them like the Lady Gaga Polaroid…

  • Liz H
    September 17 2014

    Not sure how I’ve never seen your portfolio website but WOW. City Sweets are so wonderful, as is everything!

    I also love how your name/logo on that site is the same turquoise you’ve chosen for the new AIWL – full circle.

    Great work, sista!

    • Meihoukai
      September 18 2014

      That is such a great point! Never even realized it when we were putting the new site together, ha. I guess I like what I like!